Álvaro Orasio

Art Director | 3D Artist

I am a 3D Artist from Madrid.

At the moment I work for the company BQ, my roll is virtual photographer, generation all the material for online and offline for catalogue products.
I work in conjunction with the design, communication and marketing department.

In my professional career I have experience in different departments from the illumination department for the movie Tadeo Jones to designing different pieces for the company catalogue of products for Deyban. As well as modelling the scenery for the announcement of Inside Vodafone for the company NOH. I have a broad range of experiences in many departments. One day my ambition is to create my own personal project.
I thrive of big challenges and very much enjoy to learn from my environment and collegues. One of my best skills is thank I am an easy-going person who likes to work in a team.

If you require more information don’t hesitate to contact me.

+34 627 728 849